Career Portfolio (PEC)

Sciences Po Strasbourg prepares and helps students to build their career plan by organising various voluntary training courses and events. We have also introduced the “Career Portfolio”, since 2022, to guarantee each student a progressive pathway into the workplace.

The Career Portfolio encourages students to be proactive by encouraging them to think about and prepare for the start of their career right from their first year of study.

There are two aspects to the portfolio:

  • In the “first cycle” (at undergraduate level), the objective is to help younger students get to know themselves better, identify their interests and acquire the skills needed to develop a career plan. Each student adds to their portfolio throughout their course, by participating in workshops and conferences, meeting professionals, and gaining work experience through at least one internship or job. All experience is valued and awarded points. 300 points are required for entry into the Fourth Year.
  • In the “second cycle” (at postgraduate level), the priority is to accumulate skills and learn to use them to launch the student’s career.