European Roots & Internationalisation

Sciences Po Strasbourg’s range of courses is firmly rooted in an international and European perspective.

Sciences Po Strasbourg: a European base, an international ambition

Sciences Po Strasbourg: a European base, an international ambition

Over the centuries, the city of Strasbourg has been called many things: City of the Rhine, Pivotal City, Crossroads of Cultures, City of Scientists and Poets, Capital of Europe, to name but a few. Such titles always focus on one thing, but there is always some truth in them too.

First established over two thousand years ago as the site of a Celtic encampment and then a Roman camp, Strasbourg has always been a crossroads on the banks of the Rhine. Its contact with several cultures has bestowed a resolutely European destiny upon the city since the end of the Second World War.

Strasbourg's European destiny is rooted in history. A former free city of the Holy Roman Empire, Strasbourg is today a metropolis on the River Rhine, with an open outlook on Europe and the world. Within a radius of 500 km around Strasbourg, (imagine a circle passing through Milan, Lyon, Paris, Bruges, Hanover, Leipzig and Munich), you will find 57% of the European working population and 75% of the European Union's purchasing power! This privileged location explains Sciences Po Strasbourg’s resolutely European and international focus, with courses that place great emphasis on an awareness of European and international issues.

Strasbourg's status as a diplomatic city also contributes to Sciences Po Strasbourg’s ability to offer such courses. In addition to a large number of diplomatic representations, the city is home to the following organisations:

The international dimension of Sciences Po Strasbourg is strengthened by its many partnerships with foreign universities. In addition, the school welcomes around 300 foreign students every year, who come to study at Sciences Po Strasbourg as part of an exchange programme, or through open enrolment, or to obtain the Certificate of European Studies.

This ambition is strengthened by the European strategy of the University of Strasbourg

The University of Strasbourg is one of the largest universities in France, with over 50,000 students. Around 20% of its intake comes from abroad.

The University of Strasbourg is a founding member of the League of European Research Universities (LERU) and is part of Eucor, an Upper Rhine European campus that incorporates the Universities of Freiburg, Basel, Karlsruhe and Haute-Alsace, bringing together almost 115,000 students!