Academic Excellence & Openness

Sciences Po Strasbourg is a multi-disciplinary institute of higher education, which places high academic standards and openness at the heart of its curriculum.

Sciences Po Strasbourg selects students through a competitive entrance exam which is open to French pupils who have passed the French baccalauréat in the same year and students who have completed a first year in higher education. The demanding and selective first-year entrance exam consists of a general knowledge test, a modern history test and a foreign language test. Institutes of Political Studies have a 10% average acceptance rate.

During their studies, students acquire a broad general education as well as following specialised courses in Law, Economics & Management, History, Languages and Political Sociology. Sciences Po Strasbourg sets itself apart, especially by the quality of education it provides in the field of Economics and its high-quality preparation for the senior civil service, further enhanced by its exclusive partnerships with the INSP (Institut National du Service Public [French National Institute for Public Services]), INET (Institut National des Etudes Territoriales [French National Institute of Territorial Studies]) and the Commissariat des armées (French Armed Forces).

Sciences Po Strasbourg is fully invested, not only in the development of its curriculum, but also in the field of research. The Institute houses four state-of-the-art laboratories, run by internal lecturers.

The Institute's performance is reflected in the high quality of careers that our graduates enter. Six months after graduation, 84% of students are in employment, of whom 85% find employment within three months!