Equality & Community

Sciences Po Strasbourg takes a firm stance against any form of discrimination and abuse. The Institute is continuing its awareness-raising activities with the adoption of a new charter for equality and the fight against discrimination, published in 2021. 

As an institute of higher education, Sciences Po Strasbourg is committed to creating a dynamic of positive promotion. To achieve this, we have defined equality, respect and “solidarity” as the Institute’s three fundamental values.

Sciences Po Strasbourg engages in numerous preventative measures throughout the year. These can take various forms, including awareness-raising days organised at the start of the school year in September and interactive workshops on consent, cyberbullying and violence against women, aimed at association leaders and all students. Conferences and temporary exhibitions on the subject of gender harassment and sexual abuse are organised regularly.
Students have permanent access to an information desk, counselling and support services (psychologist's surgery, new anti-discrimination officer, charter signed by all students, etc.). Any student who experiences any form of harassment or sexual abuse should file a complaint and to report it to the equality and anti-discrimination officer. The school works in close collaboration with its associations and is also currently working closely with the other 6 Sciences Po institutes in the Network to set up new processes and procedures.