Partners’ Club

The Sciences Po Strasbourg Business Partners’ Club aims to strengthen the links between Sciences Po Strasbourg and the private sector. Given that the majority of the Institute's graduates hold jobs in the private sector, whether commercial or non-commercial, the Club is a forum for exchange that aims to strengthen mutual knowledge between private companies on the one hand, and the Institute's students and teaching teams on the other.

The Partners' Club aims to broaden the Institute's students’ knowledge of private business entities and changing occupations. It tries to uncover the issues facing private entities in relation to local and global public policy. It also aims to shed light on major, contemporary, social and economic challenges, such as equality, economic and social innovation and climate change, which are at the heart of the Institute’s teaching and values.

Members of the Business Partners Club are invited to:

  • Participate in careers activities organised by the Institute's Careers and Partnerships Department: company visits, conferences and presentations about professions, mock interviews, Job Week, distribution of job offers, short internships and end-of-study placements, etc.
  • Maintain links between its members and the Institute’s teaching teams with a view to enhancing the Institute's approach to courses, enriching teaching practices (by contributing to case studies or students' reflective analysis as part of their course), and developing teaching partnerships (sponsorship of skills, chairs, etc.) and research.
  •  Provide practical and financial assistance to Sciences Po Strasbourg’ development and activities, particularly those that are part of the Institute's Equal Opportunities Policy.

Partners’ Club Members

  • BPI France
  • CGI Business France
  • Crédit Agricole
  • Crédit Mutuel / CIC
  • Ey
  • FleishmanHillard
  • KPMG Audit Est
  • Page Personnel            
  • Soprema
  • Steelcase