Who We Are ?

Part of the University of Strasbourg, the Sciences Po Strasbourg Institute of Higher Education is the oldest Institute of Political Studies in France. Situated in the heart of Europe, with a long tradition of European and international openness and involvement, the Institute offers its students a multi-disciplinary education of the highest quality.

In a drive to modernise and increase accessibility, Sciences Po Strasbourg relocated to the “Cardo” building in 2020, right at the heart of the city, where Europe’s major institutions have their headquarters. This location, close to the historic city centre, demonstrates our desire to anchor Sciences Po right at the heart of the region and as close as possible to its citizens. Firmly entrenched in the Europeanness that characterises the city of Strasbourg, our pioneering campus is an integral part of its host city, offering a friendly, modern setting for your studies that is conducive to success.

Sciences Po Strasbourg provides challenging, multi-disciplinary courses that equip students to change the world for the better. The curriculum is regularly updated to take account of issues as they evolve. In addition, we have developed a number of exclusive partnerships with the French civil service grandes écoles (such as INSP and INET) and other public partners (Bank of France, Commissariat des armées [French Armed Forces], and other organisations). We also work closely with businesses through our “Partners’ Club”, which aims to facilitate student success in their studies and early career and encourage the Institute’s openness to society.

Sciences Po Strasbourg takes the well-being of its students very seriously. We therefore strive to create a community spirit with fair access to all our courses. Just under 30% of our students receive grant funding and we run a bursary programme to support students in most need of financial aid. The Institute also leads the “Programme of Integrated Studies” which helps schoolchildren from the most disadvantaged areas prepare for the Sciences Po Strasbourg entry exam. A strong sense of solidarity continues to be one of Sciences Po Strasbourg’s key ways of reducing inequality and discrimination.

Key figures of Sciences Po Strasbourg