Portraits de diplômés

Portraits de diplômés

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Welcome to Sciences Po Strasbourg

Sciences Po Strasbourg, with its European and international perspective, is one of the highly  selective French grandes écoles, or elite schools of  higher education.

Each academic year, Sciences Po Strasbourg enrolls approximately 1400 students, including 300 international students.

At the conclusion of a five-year multidisciplinary curriculum, Sciences Po Strasbourg students receive the internationally recognised Master’s level degree of the Institute.

A prestigious institution

Sciences Po Strasbourg constantly strives to maintain its founding values within the constraints of a changing world, remaining loyal to guiding principles while anticipating major shifts in society.

Since its creation in 1945 to the present day Sciences Po Strasbourg has carefully balanced the need for stability and on-going change.

As a prestigious European and international educational institution secondary school graduates prepare for high-level careers in both French and international spheres. Courses are offered in fundamental areas of law, economics, history and political science which provide a strong broad-based cultural background as well as tools for analysis and understanding of key contemporary issues.

International visibility

Sciences Po Strasbourg has always played a prominent role in international education and exchanges, with participation in both Erasmus and Socrates programmes.

The international strategy is facilitated by the geographical location of Strasbourg and the proximity of the European institutions which offer many opportunities for varied collaboration as well as student internship opportunities.

Sciences Po Strasbourg has approximately 130 university exchange partners all over the world.

In addition, Sciences Po Strasbourg has six joint Master’s programmes with universities in Canada, Belgium, Poland, Germany and the Czech Republic.

Research and cooperation with industry

Research activities are of utmost importance at Sciences Po Strasbourg with four prominent laboratories: the LARGE is a financial research laboratory of the University of Strasbourg; SAGE is a CNRS laboratory in Political Social Sciences specialised in European Affairs; Dynamiques Européennes is an inter-disciplinary laboratory that focuses on contemporary European dynamics; The Changing Europe research federation, to promote excellence in research on Europe, in particular on the European Union, the Council of Europe and their member states.

More than 400 key professionals from the socio-economic sector play an active role in teaching, alongside more than 60 Sciences Po lecturers/researchers.

Sciences Po Strasbourg has a privileged position within the French university system due to both the highly-respected professional focus of the academic curriculum as well as the emphasis on global vision and cultural awareness.

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